As a ghostwriter, blogger, and proofreader/editor, I would be happy to provide you with quality work. (You may find writing samples here.)

I have extensive blogging experience going back years before I started professionally writing. I have written about media and arts, science, and a host of other topics.
Rate: US$10 per 500 words

Blurb Writing
Have you written a book, but aren’t sure how to write the promotional summary/blurb for it? I can do it for you.
Rate: US$15

Short Story Writing
My specialties lie in science fiction and fantasy, but I also have experience with romance and literary fiction.
Rate: US$20 per 1,000 words

Novel Writing
Rate: Contact me to discuss


I also provide proofreading and editing services.

Copy Editing
Fixing spelling and grammatical errors, sentence structure, etc, in your manuscript.
Rate: US$0.015 per word

Developmental Editing
Deeper than copy editing, developmental editing constitutes checking for not only grammatical and spelling errors, but the flow, and structure of the manuscript itself.
Rate: US$0.02 per word

Once the manuscript is nearly a finished product, I would read through to ensure that there are no missing typographical errors. In other words, this is the polishing stage.
Rate: US$0.01 per word

Language Construction

Combining my Master’s study of Linguistics with my love of the artistic, I also also offer constructed language (conlang) services. Whether you need it for your fantasy novel or sci-fi comic, I am at your service.

Alphabet Creation
Designing an alphabet for your constructed language. This includes selecting a phoneme inventory for your language, that is, the speech sounds that are used in the language.
Rate: $US50 for a 20- to 30-letter alphabet

General Language Construction
Constructing words, morphology, syntax, etc for your language.
Rate: Contact me to discuss

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