Character backstory: Durik Quartzfist (Sample)

I was commissioned to write the background story of a Dungeons and Dragons character. My client gave me permission to post it here.

The Quartzfist clan had once been respected among the mountain dwarves. As nobles and miners of precious stones, they amassed a vast wealth, and provided employment to many other dwarves. Not even the great tragedy could take their riches and prestige away from them.

When the dwarves scattered, the Quartzfists divided their assets and lay down their roots far and wide. Spurred on by the exuberance of youth, Durik Quartzfist sought adventure. Or so he liked to tell himself and anyone who would listen. His family knew the truth, though. It was the loss of his fiancée and one true love, Ferra Highstone, in the great tragedy that left him with such an aversion to staying still.

As he travelled, he not only honed his skills in battle, but added to his share of the family riches with rare treasures. Eventually, though, Durik felt it was time to settle into something a bit more practical. Breaking tradition, he forsook the mountains for flatlands better suited to ranching. The investment was certainly worth it, and Durik Ranch provided top-tier beef, wool, and more to the surrounding communities, and was even able to produce a lot of the hay and grain for its livestock.

Not one to sit idle, Durik worked as hard on his land as any of his employees, and sparred with some of them at every opportunity, remaining strong and lithe. However, he refused to completely leave his dwarven heritage behind, and had a smithy on the outskirts of his land, where he practiced the smithing skills he learnt in his youth. All in all, it was a good life.

Still, this sedentary life on the plains was starting to grow unfulfilling to Durik. With memories of Ferra plaguing him yet again, perhaps it was time he went out to explore the world yet again.