Colour Me Sweet: To Black Girls with Love

If you live in a country like the United States or Britain, you might be surprised that, in a nation like Jamaica, where at least 90% of us are descended from Africans, anti-Black racism would be an issue.

Here, people bleach their skin because they believe lighter skin is more attractive, and it will increase their chances of finding love. I grew up hearing “Black and ugly” hurled as an insult. And I had a friend who was told by her employer that she had to chemically straighten her hair in order to keep her job; her natural hair wasn’t professional, apparently.

Colour Me Sweet

That’s why I’m happy to see this beautiful piece of art by former classmate Lisa Davis. Colour Me Sweet is a colouring book that showcases the beauty of Black girls and their natural hair. “Each image features a natural hairstyle and a positive affirmation to help build self esteem.” Sadly, this message is still needed in 2019.

Lisa, who also makes some lovely dolls and sells them on her Etsy page Knits and Hooks, is quite an artist, and I’m proud to say I know her! Keep up the good work, Lisa!

crochet doll knits

Get a doll or colouring book for the child in your life, or even for yourself!

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